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What is Neuro Reset Technique?

NRT is the first therapy of its kind to work with the brain and nervous system to instantly and lastingly improve muscle function, also known as sensorimotor control.

NRT is an innovative collection of neuro-based techniques and key scientific findings, combined with robust treatment protocols that offer ground-breaking results in improving human movement control.

A cutting-edge neuro-based approach for functional professionals to achieve ultimate movement control with their clients or patients.

As a data-led methodology, underpinned by key scientific discoveries, NRT was developed through an extensive and rigorous empirical process that has been tried and tested for over a decade.

NRT was developed with the focus entirely on improving muscle function via the brain and nervous system. As a series of techniques, NRT enables practitioners to quickly improve joint mobility with enthesis on restoring muscle recruitment.

Through the use of proprietary neurostimulation techniques, NRT targets specific sensory receptors to strengthen their associated pathways leading to increased sensorimotor control.

“Movement control requires continuous and reciprocal exchange of information between the brain areas involved in the execution of the motor task and those elaborating proprioceptive sensory information. (“Terao et al, 1999; Scott, 2004”).


Why NRT?

Traditional physical/bodywork therapies work on releasing the joints, muscles, and fascia. These methods often combine strengthening exercises to improve strength and range of motion.

The traditional release/strengthen approach offers short term relief from tightness and requires ongoing stretching/massage to maintain results. In addition, the prescribed exercises only strengthen the muscles that already work well. This builds compensation around the muscles you can’t recruit, still leaving you vulnerable with poor function.

NRT is different, it focuses on the weakness in your brain and nervous system and not your body. This weakness, known as sensorineural weakness, is the reason why you can’t recruit certain muscles. It is the brain and nervous system that causes tissue tightness, and this tightness is a compensation for your poorly functioning muscles and not the cause of the problem.

So, imagine if we could instantly increase the recruitment of your muscles at a subconscious level.

Well, that’s exactly what NRT does. Instant, lasting strength and flexibility gains with every session.

If you think about it, the purpose of a muscle is to contract or relax as part of a coordinated system for movement, posture, and strength. The skeleton and it joints are the framework, but it’s the muscles that make you move, and your muscles are controlled by your brain and nervous system!

NRT optimises motor control restoring lost function, posture, strength, flexibility, and resilience. NRT offers the potential to be your best physical you, with anti-ageing effects.


What to Expect from an NRT Treatment?

Please bring or wear flexible clothing, such as gym clothes. You will remain clothed during any treatments unless very specific assessment or treatment requires access to your skin, such as access to scars etc. 

NRT is an active treatment and will require physical participation. As your treatment progresses so too does the physical involvement. However, as you will also be stronger from any previous treatment your sense of effort won’t increase much.

NRT is not painful, as worst you will experience occasional mild discomfort. Most of the time you will feel energised during the session.

NRT is taxing on your brain and nervous system and as such you may feel tired later that day. This passes quickly within 24 to 48hours. 

Due to the rapid subconscious changes NRT brings to your body. There is sometimes a 48hr settling in period where you become conscious of the changes in your muscle tension while your posture is recalibrated. This means you may feel new mild sensations that pass quickly. After 24-48hrs you can expect to feel stronger and more able than before. 

NRT doesn’t require much homework, the changes mostly occur during the session. 

Treatments are usually 1hr long. I do often offer 90mins to 2hrs sessions if one wants to cover more of their body faster. 

Depending on your goals, the number of treatments will differ. For some it’s just a few treatments to improve a specific issue. For others, it’s a whole-body transformation and will require more work.

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